AirBnb Embarks On A Musical Experience

Typically thought of as the Uber of hospitality, a disrupter of traditional hotel businesses, and a way to travel on the cheap, AirBnb has been breaking new ground in the music world by offering curated, hyper-localized experiences.

Currently offered in just a dozen cities as part of its Trips platform, as well is collaboration with Sofar Sounds, Music Experiences, as the program is called offers to not just get tourists and travelers at live shows, but to connect them with artists, musicians and industry professionals for some truly unique and interesting opportunities.

Visitors to Tokyo can link up with local artist Mikito to go crate digging, capture the local ambient noises, and eventually make a beat using his equipment, guidance, and expertise.

If getting ratchet with Kid Rock’s guitarist Kenny is more up your alley, you can pay $375 to do that as well.

More traditional travelers looking to soak up a cities musical traditions can take djembe drum lessons in Cape Town.

Many of these experiences include food, beverage, transportation, and take place in short sessions spread over several days.

Hopefully AirBnb’s new Music Experiences can enrich local music scenes all around the world, giving fans and artists new way to interact and appreciate art.

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