Pharrell & Hans Zimmer Create Incredible Score

 Pharrell and Hans Zimmer combined their talents to provide the incredible score for Hidden Figures, a movie about the under-appreciated African American females who worked as computers, back when “computer” was a term used as a job title for mathematicians and sharp minded folks who made complex and accurate calculations for a living.
Hidden Figures is far from the two musical masterminds’ first collaboration. Pharrell’s general move into scoring films was “largely facilitated” by Hans, and the two have worked together as far back as 2010, when the first Despicable Me splashed down. The mega-hit “Happy” was a result of that film’s sequel.
Williams proved especially suited to work on a film about early NASA employees as his infatuation with outer space has been well documented. His clothing brand Billionaire Boys Club features an astronaut mascot and the flagship store in New York features faux-moon rock floors.
Pharrell cited inspiration from jazz swing, african drummer circles, and the 1960s as inspiration in scoring the film. He also unknowingly met one of the woman portrayed in the film when he met with a group of NASA employees years ago at a charity function.
Hopefully Pharrell and Hans continue to collaborate and inspire each other for years to come.
Hidden Figures is in stores now.


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    What a wonderfully written piece, I am definitely not a robot I swear and I totally rock out to rap music hardcore

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